November 29, 2007

Need vs. Want

I have to say that one thing that pisses me off more than anything are ignorant people who do not take the time to actually research what it is they are buying, and justify why they buy by saying that they “NEED IT”. Let’s think for a moment… what is it that you truly need in life? You need water. You need food. You need a place to live. You need something to keep you warm when you are cold. Other than those few things I really think that everything else that we say we “NEED” are all luxuries. Your cable TV that you can’t live without is a luxury. Your cell phone that you are always talking on and can’t live without is a luxury. Your computer and internet access are luxuries. Your beer, cigarettes, filet mignon, coffee, soda, “flavored water”, etc. are all luxuries. You don’t NEED any of that shit.

With that being said let me say this, I hate, and I mean I HATE hypocrisy.

Now with that being said I will explain my little tirade.

A woman came through my line the other day at work with about $30 worth of L’ORÉAL makeup and about $50 worth of dog food, cat food, and cat litter. The pet food would indicate that this woman likes animals. It would also indicate that she loves her pets. So why would anyone who loves pets buy makeup that is TESTED on ANIMALS? You heard me right, L’ORÉAL tests their products and the chemicals that they use in their products on ANIMALS. L’Oréal is a company based in Paris, France. The French still test many products on animals and claim that they don’t. However, if you look on the official L’Oréal website you will see it written in black and white under their FAQ section. So, again, I ask the question… why would someone buy makeup that is tested on animals when they have animals that they obviously love enough to buy food for? I will never understand people who go through life as completely ignorant as that and as hypocritical as that.

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