October 15, 2007

The Annoying Old Broad

Have you ever been in a store or walking down the street when you see this little old lady and she seems to be shadowing your every move... She is either one step ahead of you or one step behind you. She is everywhere you go, doing everything you do... You get so annoyed, but you bite your tongue cause you don't want to offend her or hurt her feelings... So you let the resentment and anger build up inside you instead of letting it out and telling her to get out of your fucking way... Where's the sense?

Well next time this happens to you consider the following deterant method to get rid of her... (My sister came up with this one...)

First: Yank out her dentures and shove them up her nose.

Second: Take out her hearing aid and cram it up her ass.

Third: Snatch off her wig and shove it down her throat.

Fourth: Pull her walker out from under her and push her down the stairs.

(If no stairs are available then make the fall hurt.)

Fifth: Steal her Medic Alert button so she can't call for help.

Now that my sister and I have given you thourough training on how to deal with annoying old broads I better see some of them lying on the ground without their Medic Alert buttons... I think the world would be a better place... Don't you?

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