May 29, 2007

Self Checkout

As I have previously stated, I work as a cashier. Occasionally at night I have the “pleasure” of running self checkout. However, lately that is all I have been doing. Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with self checkout itself. Rather, it’s the people that try to use it. At self checkout you see the total cumulative epitome of how stupid people really are. “I scanned this twice, what do I do?” “Can you cancel this for me?” “How do you ring this up?” “What do I do?” “How does this work?” “Can you ring me up, you aren’t doing anything?”

First off, it’s called self checkout for a reason. YOU ring YOURSELF up. They are paying ME to WATCH you scan your items and pay for them. They are not paying me to RING you up. Self checkout is just that. Do it yourself. Second off, READ the fucking screen as you ring your items up. The screen will tell you everything you need to know. Are you illiterate or just stupid? Open your eyes and pay attention. Gods people, actually be aware of what’s around you, and not your own little world for once.

What is it with parents of small children today? You drag your kids into a store they don’t want to be in, and let them scream and cry and throw temper tantrums the entire time you are in the store… And YOU DON’T DO A THING TO SHUT THEM UP! Gods above people. Take your child into the bathroom or out to your car and spank them. DISCIPLINE YOUR CHILD! This is why we have an entire generation of unruly miscreants running around today that do not take responsibility for anything in their lives. Not their kids, not their jobs, not their lives. Nothing. These generations have been raised to think that they don’t have to be responsible for anything. GROW THE FUCK UP AND ACCEPT THE FACT THAT IT’S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! Get the fuck off of government programs like WIC and FOOD STAMPS and WELFARE (aka CASH ASSISTANCE), and actually WORK. No one owes you a fucking thing. You owe yourself. Cause no one else is going to give it to you.

Standing at self checkout you have a lot of time to observe and think. One realization that dawned on me a while ago was that people mimic ants in today’s world. Working at a major store like I do that does high volumes of business, you see ever walk of life from every corner of the world. People are so dead focused on what they are buying. They walk from here to there, immersed in their own little worlds, immersed in their conversations, and they don’t pay attention to anything. That bag of chips and that package of cookies they are buying are the most important things to people. They don’t stop to actually think beyond their own narrow scope of comprehension that there are things going on in the world other than that person getting their damn bag of potato chips.

While I’m on that subject let me also say this: why are people so gung ho over the “100 Calorie” line of snack foods? People think, “Oh it’s only 100 calories. I can eat 2 of these instead of 1. This is so much better for me.” Read the box you fucking idiots, you are getting 100 calories in that little bag of chips but you are getting anywhere from 15 to 30 damn grams of carbohydrates in that same box. Do you really think that’s healthy for you? Also, what’s the deal with all of the sheep in this world buying anything that says “Organic” on it? There is no way every ingredient in that pasta sauce, or that bag of noodles, or that jar of baby food is 100% completely organic materials. You can take it to the bank that something in your “Organic” food has been processed and preserved somewhere. So get over it. And, finally, what’s the fucking deal with people buying filtered tap water and spending a fortune on it each week? Come on people, get a clue. All of your Dasani, Aquafina, Great Value, etc. waters are all filtered tap water. There is no difference in any of them, only the level of filtration. You can do the same thing at home by buying a damn water filter and filtering your own fucking water. If people want to be healthier then they only need one piece of advice: STOP MASS CONSUMING EVERYTHING YOU SEE!!!!! MODERATION!!!!!!

Speaking of mass consumption… I am by no means an itty bitty skinny minnie woman. However, I saw a woman last night come through self checkout that had arms as big around as my legs in the thickest part of my legs. That is fucking disgusting. For a big woman I actually have smaller arms. My arms are about 75% muscle and 25% fat. This woman was nothing but fat. She was twice as wide as I am, and her ass… OH MY FUCKING GODS… was HUGE. How does something let themselves get that way? How does someone let themselves get that fat? That’s just fucking nasty.

And of course, to go to the opposite side of the spectrum… I saw this really itty bitty tiny girl last night… couldn’t have been more than 13 or 14 at the most. She had this long horse like face, and these big monkey lips that took up ever bit of her face, and she was wearing a t-shirt that said “No one should be this CUTE”… Well guess what honey, you aren’t. You are a fucking dog. Burn that shirt and where one that says I NEED PLASTIC SURGERY!!!!!

Finally, last night I saw a Sesame Street book thrown into the isle impulse merchandise and it was written in SPANISH! What the FUCK? This is America! Teach your fucking kids English. It’s not up to the school to teach a child born in this country the language for this country. Speak English. Teach your kids English! We don’t speak SPANISH in America. The National Language of America isn’t SPANISH, it’s ENGLISH!

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