March 23, 2005

It's taken me a while to think of what to write on here after my posting on domestic abuse. And, I have been thinking of what I should use to follow that up with, and I think I have finally found a subject worth the time to try. And remember, these posts aren't just about wrestling; they have a lot to do with the real world, if you just read them instead of reading just the first line or two.

I am going to start with wrestling because it is an easy subject to start any good advice with. Mainly, I think, because wrestlers lead such hectic lives that it is easy for them to get mixed up in just about anything, and I am sure those wrestling fans out there know what I mean. They've heard the stories…

Back in the 80's, drug abuse in wrestling was commonplace. No one said to much about it, it was just accepted. Then I remember back in the early 90's when Vince MacMahon went on trial for distributing illegal substances to his wrestlers, the drug issue kinda died out for a while. Today, however, the issue is just as big as it was 20 some years ago. Why is that? Do you think? I can tell you why I think that is… I think it is because when the heat from MacMahon's trial finally died away a few years later, wrestlers started to get back into their old habits, and they in turn taught those habits to younger wrestlers, and the habits of people like Jake "The Snake" Roberts, and Terry Funk, etc. still live today in people like Eddie Gurrerro, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Raven, etc. Why? Because it's what they were taught when they entered the business. To fit in this is what you do, and they did it. Now, I will give kudos to Raven and Eddie Gurrerro, and Scott Hall. They have worked their assess of to get sober, and for the most part have stayed that way. They are only human, and they fight their demons just like we do. But for them, it's harder to stay away from their old habits. They are put in front of their habits every day, and sometimes they give in, sometimes they don't. But, they deserve the respect just for trying to kick them. If only other Wrestlers were so dedicated to stamping out their bad habits while on the road, drug problems might not be part of the road. But, most are unwilling to change.

Take Triple H for example. Here is a man that pumps steroids at least twice a day to keep his body in such honed condition. There is no way his body is that jagged on it's own. Why does he pump steroids? What makes him feel he has to? That is a question only he can answer, but I think it's the fact that he wants to be taken seriously while in the ring, and he feels he can't do that if he doesn't have the physique of Aries (Greek god of War). Why hasn't someone pointed out to him that Eddie Gurrerro was a very believable world champion, and that man is all of 5'8'' at the most and 180 tops. People loved him as the world champion, because he has something that Triple H has lacked for several years: personality. Eddie has charisma. That goes a long way with the fans. It also goes a long way toward credibility. If Triple H would just work on his approach to his diatribes in the ring, then maybe he wouldn't feel the need to pump steroids. (Yea, and maybe pigs will fly in the next few days.)

From everything I have heard about Triple H, he has the mindset "The bigger the better." He feels he has to be big or he won't be a wrestler worth anything. I have heard that he is an avid body builder and that he takes pride in being as big as he is. It's the way he was taught, and the person before him, and the person before him. Why is it that wrestling teaches this? Is it true? No. Fans will like who they like, and decide for themselves who is believable and not. It has nothing to do with who is bigger, and who is smaller. I personally feel that Triple H would do good to drop about 25 to 30 pounds of muscle mass, and regain some mobility in the ring. Being that muscle bound is very restricting in movement, and it can't be good for physical health either.

So, you are probably wondering what any of this has to do with the real world, right? Well, how many younger people watch wrestling today? Quite a few, since it is geared more for younger views today, more so than it has ever been. The point is, younger people watch their wrestling idols, actresses, actors, singers, doing whatever kind of drugs and think it's cool. Only these kids don't have millions of dollars to afford rehab whenever they get the idea to get off of them. So they stay hooked to the drugs, and in turn bring others to them. Drug problems start with the people that younger persons idolize. If they wouldn't do drugs, most of the people that do use them wouldn't. They wouldn't think it's cool.

It's the same question I asked about Terri Runnels, and how she personally likes to be dominated by men. It's how she was raised, and it's what she likes. A man to control her. I asked the question, was it wise for a woman who is idolized by younger females to take that personal preference, and make it public, so that the younger women who idolize her can do the same thing? It's a Catch 22. Famous people shape the minds of the young, and until famous people can appreciate the power that they have over younger generations, they shouldn't be famous to start with. If they can't appreciate the power they have to shape lives, they shouldn't do what they do to make them idols for younger people. It's not the drug dealers and drug lords who are a problem. It's the famous people that make it seem cool to younger people that keep drug lords in business. If famous people would say no, so would the people that idolize them. Because, they want to be that person, and they will mimic anything that person does. It's the way of the world. And, all the famous people in it need to wise up and take that power they have seriously. I had to learn the hard way, and I learned my lesson. I stopped doing that shit. But, I am one of very few that do stop. I had to learn in the worst way possible, and I don't want that for anyone. So, just say no to it. Drugs aren't that great, they don't make you feel as good as people say they do, and they aren't worth throwing your lives away. Just because some millionaire does drugs doesn't mean it's cool, or you will be a millionaire one day if you do them. So, please don't waste your life on drugs. It's not worth it.

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