February 27, 2005

Once again, for all of those Pro Wrestling Fans out there: I have been reading this interview done with Terry Runnels for several weeks now, care of Pro Wrestling Torch. I must say, she says some things in there, that as a woman, I find very disturbing. Torch Talk part 3 Quote: "...I'm really old fashioned and Southern in that I revere men and I love the man being the stronger sex. I don't see men and women as equals. I'm sorry for all of those feminists out there, sorry to disappoint us. I really see men as the stronger sex. This may sound wrong, but I love being under a man. Underneath. But in order for me to feel great about being underneath him, he has to be a really incredible, strong character gentleman. Then he can rule me all day long..." Torch Talk part 5 Quote: "...I think women will always have a diminutive role as compared to men and I think as well they should. I am sorry, but I do." Now let me ask you all a question, are you paying attention?...Does this sound like the kind of stand a celebrity woman should make regarding men and women? Women already battle men everyday in the normal world, fighting for equality in all aspects of the work force, and sometimes in our very homes. Should a woman that has sway with younger generations be saying, even if it is her private feelings on the matter, "Men are stronger then woman, therefore it is ok for a man to dominate a woman and take away her freedom/individuality."? I personally don't feel that this is the right stand for a celebrity woman to take. Even if those are her private feelings on the matter. Women are being sold out by men as being weaker, not as intelligent, incapable of certain jobs, etc., the list goes on and on...Should a celebrity female be adding to this problem by saying something like that? Does she have no pride? Is she trying to sway a whole generation, and then countless generations thereafter to her way of thinking by saying that in a public forum? I personally don't want an entire generation of younger Terry's running around if they think like that... Reason: Women need to stand up and acknowledge that we ARE equal to men, that we CAN do whatever a man can do, and that we WILL NOT take no for an answer.

The only way we will stop certain kinds of domestic problems (i.e. abused women in domestic relationships) is for women to finally get it through their think damn skulls that they DO NOT DESERVE TO BE BEATEN BECAUSE THEY THINK THAT IS PART OF LOVE! Damn, wake up out there. Romance novelists are just as much to blame for that mentality as women who think like Terry Runnels are. They are raised either by women who have that same mentality and it is passed down through the generations of the family, or they read those confounded romance novels as teenagers and adults. And romance novels are to blame for that mentality. Have you ever read one of those things? I have, just for research. Men treat the women in them like dogs throughout the entire book, degrade them, abuse them, verbally mostly, but occasionally physically, and the chick in them will still spread their legs, let the man in them screw them, then at the end of the book, everyone is happy, and the woman is pregnant, and the man is vowing his undying love for her. Does this sound like a healthy relationship to you? Didn't think so. (Insert proper sarcastic remark here.) And the women that read these novels mimic what they read. They are scatter-brained airheads that think they need a man to make every decision for them, and when they have a man, no matter what he does to them, they won't stand up and say NO. They lie down and take it like whipped little dogs. WHY? I don't get it. It's like romance novels have a way of brainwashing their readers: "This is how women act, take the abuse, because that is what love truly is." Get a clue already.

While I am on the subject of domestic abuse, have you ever watched The Maury Show? Have you ever seen the shows he does on battered women? Their men speak for them, they can't speak unless he says so, they can't leave the house without his permission, they can't do the shopping without his permission, and only with the money he gives them to do it with, they don't get to keep their own pay checks, they have to hand it over to their men the second they get it, he verbally abuses them, physically abuses them, they spread their legs when their "man" wants sex, and the list goes on and on... and these women take it. What the fuck is that? I don't get it. And the real kicker of the matter is that some of these women who are abused like this are hard nosed business women, that are as big a bitch as they come in their chosen fields of work. Can you believe that? It's like these women never had one shred of self-respect. It's like they were born without the ability to have self-esteem. Were they that bad when they were growing up? Were they that self-loathing that they don't stand up for themselves? As an outspoken woman against domestic abuse, I find it hard to believe that any woman would stay with these kinds of men for ten and twenty years, thinking that that is what love is. Why don't they stop the abuse, and just leave? Why prevents them from calling the police while they are at work and saying they need protection from their spouse while they pack their clothes up, and leave the man? Is that so hard to do? It's not like they don't have any friends or family members that they can't go stay with for a time until they are ready to be out on their own again. One woman I saw on The Maury Show, her mother lived two streets away from her and her abusive boyfriend, but her boyfriend wouldn't let her see her mother. Why couldn't she run to her mother's house when he was at work? That doesn't strike you as odd? Why do women make excuses and rationalize their significant other's behaviors? It can't be the sex? Can't be the kids. Most of these women don't even have kids with their abusive spouse. So what is it? Why don't women fight for themselves?

Now I am not going to slam only women with this diatribe I on. No. The blame also has to fall on men who are raised to treat any living creature like a punching bag. They observe the behavior from the father figure in their lives early on and believe it is ok. Then when they grow up, they use the closest thing on hand to take their anger out on instead of getting over their problems like an adult. And that closest thing is usually the person they are with, though sometimes it could be child, a pet, a neighbor, etc. Why don't these men join a gym and take their testosterone-induced aggression out on a sand filled punching bag instead of living flesh? It would cost them a lot less in bail money. Seems logical, doesn't it?

The depravity of the society we live in is only caused by the worst of the people that live in the society with us. It's up to the rest of us to stand up and kick our heels into it and say enough. Why don't we?

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