Without Me

I don’t know how to say this,
I wish I knew.
I don’t want to hurt you,
Wish I could spare you this pain,
Spare you this truth…

I’ve moved on from you…
Don’t think for a moment,
That you are the only one around.
Don’t think for a moment,
That no other will want me.
Because someone else does…

He does what you never did,
Treats me like you never could.
Does with me what you never would.

You left several times,
Always tried to come back…
I always let you return.
The blame is on me.
You were my weakness,
My passion, my life.
I never thought I could survive
Without you by my side.

You left when things got too deep.
Always came back,
When you would miss me too much.
But this time, there is no coming back.
This time I am not there.
This time it is you who is left with an empty stare…

I moved on.
I buried you in my past.
The time has come,
For you to move on…
Without me.

I was wrong…
We were never meant to be…

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