Winter Fire

Winter fire burns the night away.
Sets my soul up high,
And lights me ablaze from within.
I feel the burning in my veins,
The itch in my skin.
I want to rip my flesh apart.
Tear the burning from my body.

Winter's glow burns inside of me.
December's snow cuts me with a knife.
So cold it burns.
I feel it on my skin,
Cutting me to the bones.
The storm rages inside,
Tearing up my core.

Winter's blaze explodes my heart.
January's embers light the night sky.
Showering the world in raging storm.
I stand inside it,
Letting it rip me apart at will.
I feel the embers fall on my skin,
And burn a hole right through me.

Winter fire burns inside us all.
We feel the cold blazing in our hearts.
Melting us from within.
We feel the touch of burning cold,
And melt from the heat.
The pain inside claims us all,
And rages for only one.

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