Hearts desperate cry
Begging to hear your voice
One last time.
Ask you why.
Did you ever love me?
Did you ever want to see me?
Did you ever think about me?
All those years when we were gone
Breaking inside
Trying to find a reason why.
Why did you hurt us?
Why did you treat us the way you did?
Where were you when we were broken?
When my own rage spiraled out of control?
Where were you when we needed you?
Why did you isolate yourself from us?
Hide yourself away in your misery.
Why didnít you keep in touch?
Try to know us more?
Why did you turn your back and walk away?
Why did you leave
When I begged you to stay?
No longer daddyís little girl.
Iíve grown up,
Grown away from you.
Still I ask,
My heart still cries,
Daddy why?
No answers can be found
For in Godís arms you are bound.

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