What Does It Take? the second story

What does it take,
To say I love you?
It takes moon light and romance.
It takes sunsets and a quiet beach.
It takes inner serenity and inner turmoil.
It takes an erupting volcano of emotions going on inside,
Bubbling over the brim,
Ready to pop!
When you feel you can't hide it anymore.
It takes a person next to you,
That has an iron grip of your heart.
It takes champagne and caviar.
It takes silk and lace.
It takes satin and velvet.
It takes the touch of one who sets you on fire.
It takes soft music and a slow dance.
It takes a movie and a bowl of popcorn.
It takes wine and roses.
It takes the softness of your touch,
And the look in your eyes.
It takes a bubble bath and a shave.
It takes the love you make every night.
It takes holding hands and walking along a tropical paradise.
It takes the Highlands of Scotland.
It takes the Eiffel Tower.
It takes Egypt, and Rome.
It takes Greece, and Ireland.
It takes your back yard and your imagination.
It takes love and life.
That's what it takes to say I love you.
It just takes you.

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