What Does It Take?

What does it take,
To say I love you?
People can't say the words.
For fear,
Someone will take it the wrong way.
They may assume it's a romance.
They may get scared and run away.
Or, they may think they are in love.
But to tell you one thing,
They are full of it.

Love is like trust.
And it must be earned.
And so, in a way,
Without trust,
There would be no love.
And without love,
The world would become,
A totally destitute place,
Where all there is,
Between men and women,
Is sex.
A totally lonesome,
And lonely world.
So how can we keep love alive?
What does it take?

What does it take,
To reach out,
And hold someone's hand?
To look at someone,
And say I love you,
With your eyes?
To reach out,
And kiss somebody,
Or wrap your arms around them,
And run your fingers,
Through their hair?
What does it take,
To put your arm around your lover,
While you lay next to them,
At night?
And talk about something,
Totally superficial,
Just so that you know,
They are there,
And next to you?
What does it take,
To look at someone,
And say I love you,
With just a smile?
Or caress their face,
With a light touch,
And a softness in your heart?
What does it take,
To pull your lover close,
And dance with them,
In the rain?
Or a water fountain?
Or, take a stroll in the park,
And hold hands,
The entire way?

What does it take,
To feel love in your heart,
And to be able to say it,
To the person that you love?
Well, that's a question,
That we all have to answer,
For ourselves.
Because, if you don't
Have the answer yourself,
You'll never find it anywhere.
Including here.

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