War Of The Astral

I walk a fine balance between Light and Dark.
A narrow path to tread.
As I am among souls that dwell in Darkness,
So to am I one of the Darkest.
As I am among Children of Light,
So to am I one of the brightest.

That perfect balance,
Always shifting with the tide.
The hardest road of all,
Is the one I must choose now.

Being of Darkness,
That drags me into the depths of The Abyss,
You who fulfill me,
And make me Darkest Queen of all…
Do I choose you,
And live forever in Twilight?

Being of Light,
That lifts me up higher than high,
You who fulfill me,
And make me soar in The Light Queen of all before me…
Do I choose you,
And live forever in Shimmering White?

Tis a hard choice I face,
Knowing that the path I choose will effect so many.
How do I choose a part of me,
And forever lock away the other half?

Until the choice is made,
So the rest hangs in the balance.
Each side wars with the other,
And neither truly wins.

The balance of all rests with a single mind,
And who that mind has a desire to know.
My realm is unknown,
Waters untested.
Until I know who I am,
And which it will be.

The path before me will split one day,
And then the choice will be made.
Beings around me,
What will happen on that day?

The mystery lies ahead,
Unsolved as of yet.
But one day soon,
All will be answered,
And your Queen will stand before you,
Darkest of all that is,
Or more Bright than has ever been imagined.

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