Warm Embrace

If I could make the stars revolve around you,
I would make them true.
You have the face of an angel:
The body of a GOD!

I dream of wrapping my arms around you,
And being held in your warm embrace.
My passionate kiss,
Poison to us both!
When we make love,
Oh, how it would be perfect.
Our joining of the bodies.
Our fusing of the souls.

You are my heart.
You are my mind.
It swims in you now.
My love,
Forever more.
Oh sweetie, if you only knew,
How my heart longs for you.
My love,
You would be here.
Ready to love me more than you have ever loved anyone before.
Baby, I would love you too.
More than you know.
And you will see,
We were meant to be.
Always and more.
Come to me my love,
Or who knows what will happen.

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