Waiting For You

"You made me free, then you took and used me.
I don't know how you could do this,
I don't understand why.
If all you wanted was what I gave you,
Why do the run around?
Why not come our and ask me for it?
It would have saved me a lot of time, trouble, and pain.
You bastard! Tell me why!
How could you make love to me so passionately?
And then treat me like I was insufficient?
I don't get it; I probably never will.
What made you do it?
I don't see. I thought you were a stand up guy,
And all I see now is that you're just another member of a fucked up gender.
You hurt me; you made me mad.
But I'm a very vengeful person,
So I think I'll rock your world,
And cause you a little hurt.
Then maybe you'll finally get it,
I'm not a simpering little coward.
I control my own destiny.
I don't follow fate.
I make it with my own two hands,
And I'll make your fate, too.
I'll get back at you, and you will know,
You fucked up, and lost what was probably the best thing in your life.

You've melted my icy heart,
And made me feel something for the first time in years,
And then you broke my heart.
Which I swore would never happen again.
How could you do this to me?
How could you hurt me like that?
I had feelings for you, and I still do.
But I can't go down that road again.
I need for you to tell me where I stand.
Do you want me, or do you want to leave me?
I have to know. It's up to you.
Let me know what you decide.
I'll be waiting for your answer.
Someday, you might tell me what's in your heart.
But till then, I'll just be waiting for you.
I'll be waiting for you to come back to me,
And take me into your arms, and kiss me deeply.
When this happens, we'll fall into bed together,
And I'll forgive you for all of the pain you caused me.
And we'll finally be happy.
I'll remember this hurt, and I'll for give you for it.
I'll hopefully have you someday,
And we will be together forever.
But until that day comes,
I'll always be waiting for you,
And my dreams to come true."

Copyright 2004 Arcania | All rights reserved
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