I kiss your neck.
Waiting to bite.
I move swiftly,
Out of your site.

You take hold my mouth.
Your passionate kiss.
Little do you know,
I still miss.

My eyes closed.
My mouth open.
My tongue moves across,
Your sweaty chest hopin'!

I feel you close.
You are so near.
Our bodies two.
Our souls one, in fear.

Nothing separating us,
Nothing to tear us apart.
Only one thing,
The fact that I have no heart.

Ha. Ha. Me, a vampire, Immortal creature,
Only in your eyes,
Are we evil.

I am not.
I am passion,
Lust and hatred.
My skin is ashen.

Do you understand me?
Only in pursuit, when caught am I,
Photographic proof remains,
Can I die.

I suck your blood.
I do not get sick.
In fact, I feel just fine.
That is why I am sucking on your dick.

I can't have children.
I feel the pain.
How I yearn for a baby.
That is why I am not sane.

I am older than time,
More than life.
I have lived for many centuries.
Now I am a wife.

Lonely years I have had.
How it makes me sad.
It will always be that way.
I will be bad.

I will make you what I am.
Do you really want to know?
I'll tell you anyway.
I was an ageless ho.

I will embrace you now,
My love.
You remind me of,
A little dove.

I open our veins.
Exchange our blood.
Little do you know,
You will become an evil dud.

You might hate me.
You might love me.
I don't care.
Because now you will see

I am still waiting!

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