I let you in,
Deep inside my mind.
You have become my saving grace;
You have unwound the bind.

Trapped inside,
Chains wrapped so tight,
I was locked in fear;
I could not fight.

You broke an invisible barrier,
Came shining through…
I saw your face,
And it opened up something new.

You broke the chains,
That held me in place…
Stopped my mind from reeling,
Through time and space.

You have given me ground,
I am lost within you.
I never want to leave this place…
I never want to be lost in queue.

Wrap yourself around my heart…
Bury yourself deep within me…
Hold me close to you,
I never want you to let me be.

Please don’t forsake the passion we share…
It’s already too deep,
Our connection inside…
If you leave me now, I will surely weep.

Left alone,
Left to cry.
Left by myself,
To question why.

Please tell me what is it you want?
Please tell me where we go?
Please don’t leave me to wonder,
And never to know.

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