Day drags by,
No end in sight.
Toss and turn,
Kept up all night.

Thoughts of you
Swarm my mind,
Fierce and strong,
Yet gentle in kind.

Tap my fingers,
Patience wears thin.
Longing to hear your voice,
To drown out the background din.

Aching deep inside,
For the time I can call you mine.
Waiting for you each day,
Pretending that Iím fine.

Shrouded in mask,
Hidden in stone,
I play a part each day,
Never to betray the weary groan.

Time stands still.
Day never ends.
Without you to talk to,
I feel my life will never mend.

A solitary hug,
Would bring me happiness untold.
To have you in my arms,
Forever to hold.

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