Turn Away

A promise,
A declaration,
A pronouncement,
Of love.
How sweet.
How special I feel.
Men who claim to love,
Only to turn their back.
Men who profess love,
Only to sting with words.
No false statements.
No false declarations.

You claim to want me.
You say permanent.
How do I know you,
Like so many before you,
Wonít break me in two?
How do I know,
That with you,
Forever means forever.
And, not for as long as you care?

I want you,
Deny it, I do not.
But how can I give you me,
When I donít even know myself anymore?
How can I take your hand,
When I do not trust
In your words?

I want you now.
Your hand in mine.
Your touch on my face,
As you brush a stray lock away.
Your hair running through my fingers,
As I pull you closer to me.
Your lips as I brush mine over yours.
The taste of you.
Holding you close.
The smell of you,
As I inhale that deep, rich scent.
My hips as they rock back and forth.
Ecstasy, passion,
Feeling you deep within me.

I could almost say I love you.
But guard my heart,
I know I must.
Feeling your hands massage my body,
As you pull me closer.
I want you,
Need you so bad.
But I donít know how to give in,
And I donít know how to let go.
All I know is I want you,
And I am afraid to tell you.

Could it be love I feel?
The question swarms my mind.
Could it be more than wanting?
Could it be more than desire?
I donít know.
I canít figure out the answer.
Itís right in front of me,
And I canít see it.

I will stop wondering,
Thinking it a lost cause.
Life is full of unanswered questionsÖ
You are one of them.
The question of being with you.
Do you want me?
I donít know,
And think I never will.

The question hangs in the air,
An unanswered torment to me.
The answer only you possess,
Is lost to me.
And I donít know what to do.
Let you go?
Try and hold you closer?
I wonít smother you.
If you donít want me just sayÖ
I will walk away,
And spare us both this lie.

The choice is yours.
The question rests with you.
Your decision is awaited,
While I hold my last breath for you.
Do you want me,
Or do you want me to walk the other way?

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