Truth To Face

Alone once again
By myself
Left to question why,
Here you come,
Holding me tight,
You donít let me go.

When I want to hide,
You force me out to be seen.
When I want to run,
You lock me in place,
The truth to face.

You leave,
Donít come backÖ
The river cried vast and deep.
I move on,
Put you behind me,
And there you are,
Walking back to me.

What is it about me,
That you canít let go of?
What is it about me,
That keeps you coming back?
Why canít you let me go?
Why must you be so petty?
What do you want from me?

Just let me go!
You have failed me so many times,
I canítÖwonít let you fail me again.
I wonít let you destroy me again.
You always do thisÖ

It is you who canít let go.
It is you who wants me.
Iíve taken you back so many times,
I canít take you back this time.

You let me go.
And another came.
You counted on me not finding someone else.
You counted on being able to come back again.
Not this time.

Another has claimed me.
Another wants me.
Yes, someone else loves me.
You threw me away,
And now you want me back.
But how does it feel to knowÖ
That I donít want you back?
How does it feel to knowÖ
That this time there is no coming back?

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