Touch Of Evil

Sharp Teeth,
Evil grin.
Eyes of stone,
Cast down on me.
Soften me to touch.
Heart of hatred,
Healed by love.
Claws rake down my skin.
Embraced by the touch.
I feel him closer.
Moving to me.
Breath of evil,
Caressing my face.
Running over my skin.
Lips touch,
Smoldering passion.
Sharpness pierces softness,
And the blood runs.
Clammy hands reach out to hold me.
Coldness reaches out to possess me.
I am owned by evil.
Touched by madness.
Seduced by the heart of evil.
Lips run down my neck.
I feel them there.
My head is thrown back.
Passion embrace me.
He touches me again.
I feel the blood flow,
Leaving my body.
Gods above, what is happening to me?
Seduced by the will of evil.
Sharp teeth break my skin,
Feed from me.
I pull him in,
Wanting his touch.
Eyes of stone soften to me,
Caressing my body within.
Breath of evil running over me,
Intoxicate me into you.
Smoldering passion all the days of my life.
He is who I belong to,
Now I am one of his.
Changed forever,
By eyes of evil.
The touch of cruel passion.

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