Torture Me

I am an endless abyss,
My life a torturous plain.
I remember all things,
As the memories swarm in my brain.
I see those that have hurt me,
I see the times that I criedÖ
Cried over you.
I donít want to cry anymore,
Donít want to feel this pain.
I donít want to remember all of those things,
That made me love you,
And then tore you away from me.
The pain is too great to bear,
I canít stand the thought of an empty stare.

I donít want to remember the life I had with you,
That will never be again.
I donít want to feel this love,
That burns a hole in my heart everyday.
I want to feel that happiness that melts heartache away.
I want to be held inside of your arms,
I want to feel you next to me.
I donít want to cry,
I donít want to mourn a love that has passed me by.
I donít want to feel alone,
And by myself anymore.
I want to know that for me there is something more.
Something rich and powerful,
All consuming and alive.
Something that will sweep me off my feet,
And make me melt;
Something my icy heart has never felt.

When I am with you,
I feel complete.
You are something I have longed for,
Needed all my life.
I have wanted, craved you for so long,
Begging to know you,
Needing your touch.
It is finally within my grasp,
One day my tears will fade away,
Replaced by happiness.
I will no longer cry,
No longer need to.
Because I will be here,
Only I will be standing with you.

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