Tonite, my passion has left me.
I feel nothing.
For no one.
Tonite, my mind is in oblivion.
In nothing.
Emptiness consumes me.
There is no one here for me.
Tonite, my mind has thrown me away.
It no longer needs me.
Tonite, I am all alone.
No one cares for me.
Who am I?
I do not know.

Tonite, an invisible hand caresses my face,
Touches my lips.
Tonite, I make love,
To an invisible lover.
He has no face.
He cares not,
For me.
Tonite, I am a solitary figure,
Standing alone in the desert,
Of loves long gone.
Tonite, I'll find a lover,
Among the stars.

The emptiness envelopes me now.
Tonite, I lay awake,
Looking at the ceiling.
There is a war,
On the white paint above.
They battle over me.
They decide my fate.
Tonite, I draw a raspy breath,
And a hand reaches for me,
To take me on a moonlit carriage ride.

I see myself,
In the innocent arms of a child.
I see myself,
In the presumptuous arms of a teen.
Tonite, I see myself,
In the mature arms of adulthood,
And again in the secure arms of old age.
Tonite, I see myself,
In my happiest,
And my saddest moments in my life.

Tonite, I draw my last breath,
And meet The Gods,
I have long since worshiped.
Tonite, I leave the Earth,
And leave behind,
The destitution of life.
Tonite, I become free.
Tonite, I become me.

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