The One To Never Hurt Me

The bliss of love soon turns to tragedy,
When one day all I see is me.
My eyes have replaced you with selfishness,
My heart has locked you out with pain.
I don't want to feel, so I turn a cold shoulder,
And in the end I hurt what it is
I dearly love more than anything inside my center.
I don't want to hurt you,
I know I don't have it in me.
But to be trapped alone inside of this pain,
I feel you no longer want me.
How can I stop the hurt from killing me inside?
How can I face the demons that keep me dead inside?
One is here, the other there, yet a third way down here.
How do I fight what it is I dearly fear,
When I am facing the monsters alone,
And no one is there to hold me with a soothing tone?
I break down and cry, I cannot lie,
The pain is killing me deep down inside.
I need for someone just once to hold me,
I need for someone just this once to understand.
It isn't easy when you must face what you have buried,
Especially when you have kept it hidden for so long in the depths of your mind.
What I need is you, to hold me, guide me through.
I need for once to be able to lean on another,
I need for once for someone to want to carry me through the pain.
I need for once for someone to care about me,
Not just my pussy.
I am tired of those who say they care,
And in the end all they want is sins of the flesh.
I am sick of being the one they use,
And having to say no onto a deaf ear.
The demons I face are those of untold fear.
The monsters in my past are ones who can bring the tears.
I never cried through horrors unimaginable.
I never gave into the pain inside.
I let it go, forgot it and said oh well.
Now I am told is the time to cry out the pain,
Now is the time I am told to let out the memory stain.
It won't be easy, I know this to be fact.
But with you by my side I know I won't feel whacked.
You see me through, you help me be strong;
But the time to be strong has come to an end,
And when this is over, inside I will no longer have to bend.
Through giving me your love,
And by holding me close,
I know that for once,
My demons shall not rule me, but I them.
When I face them all, and break them dead.
Tis because of you I can do this,
Tis because of you I have the strength.
You have helped me more than you know,
Given more than you thought you ever could to me.
The day shall come when my demons are faded memory,
And all I will see will be tears of happiness and joy,
Not those of pain and fear.
Thank you my dear,
For giving me this very special gift of love.
By guiding me through the pain,
And seeing me past the rain,
I am now able to give you the parts of me,
That you can finally see.
I am no longer afraid,
No longer want to hide.
I give you all of me,
Because I know you are the one who will never hurt me.

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