To Be Ruled

Days unknown.
Mystery unseen.
Who I am,
Is finally revealed to me.
I know what I do,
I know where I go.
I know what I want,
I know it's you.
I have seen the other realm,
Lived the other plain.
I know all that has happened there.
The pain I have endured,
At the hands of those that claimed they loved me.
It is something I never thought would happen.
Only one would help me.
Only one saved me.
And I thought he was the one who hated me.
The binds are gone.
The chains holding me back have been broken.
I see clearly now.
I see the truth.
I can find myself again.
I have reclaimed everything I am.
I have made myself known.
When I find you,
The whole of the realm,
Will feel the repercussions of my wrath towards you.
When I find you there,
I will use all I am to destroy you.
You have no idea what it feels like,
To find out one you love,
And one who claimed they love you,
Touched you when you screamed,
Hurt you when you fought,
Took you against your will.
I know what you did to me there,
And when I find you there again,
I will destroy you.
It took one I thought who hated me,
To get you away from me.
He was the one who loved me.
When I thought no one else did.
He was the one who loved me enough,
To help me get away from you.
He was the one who loved me.
Not you.
He was the one who protected me from you.
Kept me safe from what you are.
It took him to get you away from me.
You feed off me,
Tried to drain me.
Gods above,
The pain of that revelation is beyond my words,
Beyond my thoughts.
Yes we had problems.
But there was no reason for you to do as you did.
Oh, my perfect balance,
You shall know what it means to face off against me,
Now that I have come to my full power.
You always underestimated me,
Always thought you could control me,
Dominate me.
I tell you now for the first time,
You only controlled what I let you control.
I am the more powerful of us.
I always was.
That was why you tried to control me so badly.
You wanted to control my power.
Well I tell you this,
You can never control what you cannot have.
I know who my other is.
I know who I belong to.
And it was never you.
It took one I thought was an enemy,
To pry you from me,
And help me flee from you.
It took the help of one who truly loves me here,
To give me the strength to walk away.
I didn't deserve what you did to me.
I didn't deserve the pain you brought me,
When you did to me what you did.
How could you have done that to me,
Knowing my history here?
How could you have done that to me,
Knowing what it would do to me when I found out?
How could you have hurt me so much,
Even after so long?
Why did you do it?
Why did you hurt me like you did?
Why did you make one I thought hated me,
Come to defend me?
I see now that he always watched me there.
I can see now that he always protected me,
When I was at my weakest from you.
Every time you hurt me,
There he was waiting for me,
To comfort me.
He consoled me when I cried,
Even if he wasn't there to hold me,
He comforted me.
The pain of your betrayal is still raw inside me.
The hurt I feel is still fresh.
I never thought you of all people in my life,
Would do as you did to me.
I don't think I will ever get over the pain of it,
The pain of that betrayal.
It's a knife in my back,
That hurts me more than the cut on my neck.
How? Why did you do it?
Why did you destroy me the way you did?
When I find you again,
I will destroy what you are,
Bind you from yourself,
Keep you from ever hurting me again.
When I find you again,
You will know what it means to be ruled,
By the Goddess.

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