Time Told A Tale

Time told the tale,
Not I.
Of a man and a woman.
The first look,
Across a crowded room.
Eyes meet eyes,
Silence fell,
And all else faded to black.

There were just those two.
The first look,
Of heart to heart,
Singing in unison,
With no words passing between.

Eyes of fire,
Meet eyes of light.
Heart of the sun,
Embraces heart of the moon.
Share my soul,
Share my life.
No need to beg,
It is already done.

Face to face,
Hand in hand.
Leaning forward to hold you,
Arms around you.
Hugging you to me.
I never want to let go.
I never want to be alone.

Hold me,
Help me,
Love me,
Touch me.
Wrap me up inside of you.
And never let me go.

Gods above,
Is it possible?
Arms around me to.
Tears sting my eyes.
To be held,
To be touched,
To be loved.

Gods someone cares.
Someone here to hold me.
Someone here to help me through,
See me through the hard times.
The blackness embraces us,
And we are alone inside of it.
Nothing but us moves.
Nothing but us exists.
Nothing but us is there.

That look I saw in your eyes,
That look that was on your face,
I am haunted by the image of what I saw.
You are my complete.
You are my other.
You are my missing half.
Haunt me again.

One image,
One memory,
Burned into my eyes.
It will not go away.
I need to see it again,
I need to believe in it once more.
Prove me wrong,
Show me that you do love me.

To feel your arms around me again,
Sleep inside of the peace you bring me,
Touch me the way you do,
Love me the way only you can,
It is a dream I have never let myself believe.
Until now.
Until you.
Where does the peace you bring me come from?
Why is it you who brings it to me?

I need to stop questioning everything.
Need to stop wondering.
Need to silence my mind for once.
Need to believe without asking why.
Need to know without needing proof.

I do know.
I do not need to question why,
Or worry my mind with how.
It is unimportant.
He loves me as I am.
He calls me beautiful.
He calls me amore.
He tells me I am his.
He will never let go.

I do belong to him.
From the moment we saw each other,
I gave him my heart.
From the first look,
I gave him all of me.
It is something I cannot take back,
And I do not want to.

I want to give him all of me.
I want to stay wrapped up inside of his protective cocoon,
And be loved for the first time in my life.
It is a dream I have only ever hoped for,
And never dared to believe in.

I believe in you.
I believe in the peace you bring me.
Believe in the love you give me.
Believe there is nothing more to be gained in life,
Once you have found the one I have found.

You are the one I have found,
You are the one I love.
You are the only one I need.
That I have ever needed.

Embrace me into your life,
Caress me into your soul,
As you are in mine.
I have let you in.
I know not what else to do.

I canít run from you,
I canít hide from you.
I cannot turn a cold stare towards you,
And make my heart ice to you.
I canít make myself stop caring.
Good or bad,
I love you for you,
And nothing else.

I believe you may be my other,
I believe in the possibility of not being alone forever.
And it is all because of you.
You have shown me the other road,
Hidden from the one I walk,
Parallel but separate.

I took your hand,
I accepted you into me.
I embraced you,
As you embraced me.

The fear grows.
The heart beats faster then ever it did.
The pulse races itself.
Shortness of breath,
Lightness of the head,
Butterflies in the stomach.

Thinking of you causes many things to go on inside.
Speaking your name,
If only to myself,
Causes a multitude of sensations in me.
How can I let you go,
When I am already so attached to you?
How could I ever think to say goodbye,
When I canít conceive of a life without you?

Know this,
Feel it,
Accept it,
Love me?

Tis a plea.
A plea to be loved.
A plea to be accepted.
A plea to be held by one who cares.

Do I beg in vain?
Plead for nothing?
Wait for what will never happen?
Please tell me what I beg for is within my reach.
Please tell me all I need is you.
Because I know it is true.

You complete me,
You fill me,
You make me better than I am.
The illusions are stripped away,
And I cannot hide from you.

You see through me,
See through the lies,
See through the deceit,
See through the pain I live with.
Why do you strip away all my masks,
And see me in my truest form?
Why do you care so damn much?

A question only you know the answer to,
Cause you will not share the reason.
The thinking behind what it is you do see.
The why behind your love.
Though I know there is no why behind it.
Still nice to ponder the question.

I must stop doing that.
I must stop questioning everything.
I must stop wondering why.
I must stop it.
I need to take a few things on faith.
I need to take a few things for what they are.
Your love.
The fact that you do love me,
Though I do not understand it.
And donít think I ever will.

All I can say,
Is I love you to.
As I know I always will.

Ti amo,
Mio cuore.

The thoughts here become disjointed,
I break up and lose my train my train of thought.
I think there is no more to say here.
It has all been said.
And that is all I can say.

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