The Void Of Time

I have no friends.
I have no life.
I have no money.
I have no lover.
I am alone.
With nothing.
With no one.
Nobody cares for me.
Nobody wants me.
My life is empty.
I have nothing left.
I have nothing to live for.
My life is a black void,
In a sea of nothingness.
I surf the lifeless,
Desperate despair,
Of those before me.
The void of time,
Has conspired against me,
And trapped me in it's web.
The Blackness consumes me now.
I am caught.
I can not break free.
The void is devouring me.
It pushes in on my brain.
My chest collapses under its pressure.
The breath is sucked from my body.
I restrict in fear,
Embrace it in joy.
Life is nothing to me now.
I have no need of friends.
I have no need of a meaningless life.
I do not need stupid little pieces of paper called money.
I will never need another lover again.
The void is everything,
And I have the void to fill me,
To care for me,
To love me.
Who needs petty little people?
With their petty little problems?
I am above them now.
Stationed high.
The void fills my life,
And blackness embraces me into it.
People don't deserve the lives they are given.
The void of time should take back its gift,
And leave nothing but the animals to populate the world once again.
People are disgusting.
People are sick.
People are worthless.
Why does time allow us to live?
We do not deserve such a gift.
We are worthless as a people.
Completely selfish.
We see nothing past our own noses.
We feel nothing past our own petty little feelings.
We think of nothing and no one save ourselves.
We as a people are nothing.
I need nothing as long as I am in the void.
The void will provide all to me.
The void of time,
Will love me,
When no one else has.
There is no peace.
Only the torment of every stupid thing you've ever done,
To comfort you at night.
My mind reels with the torment of my existence now.
It never leaves me.
It never ceases,
Never silences.
It will never leave me alone.
I am sick and tired of reliving every stupid thing I've ever done,
Every time my brain
Has a free second to roam.
Why do I have to replay over and over again,
All of my stupid mistakes,
So that all I know is torture?
Where is the peace you hear people talk of?
It does not EXIST!
I tell you!
Does not exist.
Even in death,
There is no peace.
Peace is a concept thought up by dreamers.
Ones who do not see reality.
There is nothing.
I'm sick of pain.
I have nothing.
I need nothing.
I want nothing.
Does nothing want me?
I wish I knew.
I am undesirable.
I am ugly.
I am not wanted.
Who wants me?
No one I tell you!
I am alone.
I am lonely.
I am lonesome.
The void will make it go away.
The void will disappear all of my problems.
Still there is no peace to be had.
Still there is no love to be given.
Still there is a wanting for something more.
The void can make it go away;
Will make it go away.
The void will fill that which is hollow.
The void will make it all go away.
I believe the void will grab me,
And make all of my problems go away.
The void will do what I can't,
What no one can.

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