The Unwanted

Unwanted by all who have been let in.
Unloved by those that knew the heart.
Not needed for any reason.
So many dreams to see through;
So many things yet to do.
Only no one there to hold a hand,
Giving words of encouragement.
No one there to hold in tears;
To listen to the fears.
So much love inside to give,
Only no one there to give it to.
Invisible to those who matter;
Passed over by those who do not know.
Another face in the crowd.
Unspoken longing for a lifetime friend.
Reached out so many times,
Begging to be loved.
Been slapped away each time.
Another bleeding gash to the heart,
A broken soul in shreds.
No one hears the cry,
Or the desperate sigh.
Utterly isolated from everyone else.
I am the unwanted.

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