The Three

The Three that shine,
Have always protected me.
The Three have always been there
To guide and serve me.
When all is right with me,
They are barely there.
When I am in need,
The Three shine like day,
In a sea of midnight.
The Three put me at peace,
The Three make it right.
And there is calm inside,
The Three are my guides,
My guardians,
My protectors.
I would be lost without The Three.
I would be dead without The Three.
The Three led me to you.
The Three gave me the strength to take it.
To take you.
The Three showed me my folly.
The Three called me coward for my fear.
It's true.
I let my fear control me.
No more.
The fear is gone,
The Three have helped me see.
See how much I need you.
See how much I want you.
See how I can't live without you.
The Three are my saving grace,
The Three are my sanity.
The Three are my rock.
Is love it?
The Three led me to you.
The Three guide my way.
I was lost long ago.
I was dead inside.
There was nothing of me left.
You helped me find my way.
You helped bring me back.
You brought me out of my shell.
You keep me close,
You bring me peace.
My love for you gets stronger,
Grows beyond words.
My love for you consumes me,
Swallows me whole.
Love is it.
The Three gave me that.
The Three gave me you.
The Three are always watching me.
They were determined I had spent enough time alone.
They were determined to show the world what is inside.
Inside me.
The Three gave me to you.
Only The Three could.
I am yours forever.
I will love you into eternity.
The Three showed me how to love again.
I am no longer lost.
I have been found.
I am no longer dead.
I have been awoken on loves' wing.
I can now believe that someone could love me.
Love me as only you can.
The Flood Gates open.
Inch by inch.
My love flows through already.
Do you feel it?
Do you feel me?
Please feel me, mia amore.
Per favore amore mi.
The Three have gifted me beyond knowing.
Gifted me with your love.
Gifted me with you.
The Three have always helped me.
As only they can.
The Three have led me to my Soulmate,
If Soulmate you are.
I believe you are.
I know you are.
I do not listen to doubt.
I will not let my fear win.
I conquer my fears,
I kill my doubt.
They are meaningless.
They are void.
They are tarnish on a perfect love.
My love for you sweetie.
The Three have given me much.
I barely see them in the nights' sky anymore.
The Three barely shine.
I do not need their guidance anymore.
For they guided me to you,
Knowing you would be all I needed forevermore.
The Three stand watch over me as they have always done.
But The Three don't hide me anymore.
There is no need for them to hide me anymore.
The Three know that the only thing I will ever need again,
Is love.

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