The Muse Decends

Written in ephigy for my cat, when she was killed.

Readers of the masthead,
And the Third eye,
How long before we lost our dead.
The muse descends
To guide me.
But to where I do not know.
Maybe death is on her mind tonight.
Maybe love.
But I think it's loneliness.
Maybe she's tired of being alone.
Or maybe I called her to keep me company.
We console each other.
Tonight we are alone no more.
I've lost my mind.
And she consoles me.
Her gift was stripped away.
And I comfort her.
Where we go,
Where we end up,
I do not know.
We are truly alone.
What will I do when she is gone?
What can I do when I am alone once more?
She's gone.
She's left me forever.
Maybe Zeus will keep her for me for a while.
Perhaps he will keep her safe.
Maybe I'll se her again.
Sir Reader of the masthead,
You possess the Third eye.
Tell me truthfully,
How long before we lost our dead?
Will I forget her?
Will she forget me?
I miss her already.
I don't want her to go.
But I know she must.
How will I survive without her?
How will I live without her?
I often hope to die,
So that I may precede her.
And not feel this pain I have at the inevitable.
That would be the cowards way out I know.
But I would not be torn up any longer.
There is no one left to love me.
She is gone.
Great Zeus, I miss her.
I loved her with everything I was,
And now am no more.
She left me.
She is dead.
She is buried.
She is in the ground.
She is gone.
Gods Above, I want to die.
I want to end the tears.
I miss her so much.
Where did she go?
Will I see her again?
Will she be safe?
I love her so much.
Why did she leave?
What did I do?
Does she love me anymore?
Does she think me horrible?
Does she hate me?
I shall never hear her purr again.
I shall never hear feel her again.
I shall never see her again.
Great Zeus, why?!
Was it her time?
Did I do something?
Is this a punishment?
Readers of the masthead,
Who possess the Third eye,
Please tell me,
Will I lose my dead?
She was and is my whole heart.
And it's been torn from my chest,
And shredded into ten billion pieces.
I'll never recover from the pain of losing her.
She's my world.
And now she's gone.
I want her back,
But I can't have her back.
She's my angel,
My sweetheart.
I'll never forget her.
I never want to.
No, Readers of the masthead,
And the Third eye.
I will not lose my dead.
I will remember her and love her forever.

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