The Love That Left Me

My life is empty.
Its meaning is lost.
I donít know where I go.
I donít know what I do.
All I know,
All I think I know,
Is lost with you.

I fell in love with you,
The deepest, most pure love I have ever known.
I never meant to feel this way.
I never wanted it.
I tried to stop myself,
But I couldnít resist the pull of you.

You drew me in,
Wrapped me in your gentle embrace,
The soft caress of my face,
You wound yourself around my heart,
And I was lost within you.
I never wanted to let go.
I clung to you in every way I could.
Till the day you said goodbye,
And all I could do was cry.

I donít know what to do.
I donít know where I go from here.
I never wanted any of this,
But now I am left with emptiness.
Where before I held you close,
I am only left to wonder where you are.
Where before I could feel your touch,
I am only left to a shadows love.

I am lost without your love to guide me.
I am empty without your arms to hold me.
No one knows I feel this way,
Not even you.
How could I ever tell you,
How much your love meant to me?
How can I let you go,
So that you may live the life you want without me?

My emptiness is my own.
I leave it to myself.
Because I love you too much,
To hold you where you donít want to be.
My tears are my own,
They fall even now,
As I mourn the love that meant everything to me.

You will always have my heart.
It is yours till the day I die.
Goodbye my love.
Remember me as I will remember you.
The tears will one day subside,
But your memory will stay with me.
The love that left me.

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