The Corner Of My Mind

You are in my mind,
Never leaving.
You mean to much.
And now you are gone.
Do not leave me.
Do not say, "goodbye".
My mind is where you shall remain.
My heart filled with your memory.
My tears shall fall,
My sorrow will remain.
And you will still be dead.

The corner of my mind,
You will never see.
You will have my full thought right up front.
Because yours is a memory to precious to hide.
And to valuable not to share.
The corner of my mind will be plagued with other things,
But your memory will stay with me, always.

I never got to say goodbye.
So you must still be out there somewhere.
If I could have said,
"Goodbye…see you in the stars above."
I would have been just fine.
But I'll never have that chance,
Because you're off on some jungle vine.
Swinging and swinging,
Just like Tarzan.
With your memory,
Just to vision this,
Makes me laugh.

But now I cry,
Because I did what I said I would never do.
I pushed you into the corner of my mind,
For so long…
For so long,
I never thought of you.
I wished you well,
And said,
"Be done with it, oh, hell."
But now your memory will emerge.
Because I'll see you there never again.
In the corner of my mind.

Dedicated to: My Uncle Adrian Bouisfuellet
February 26, 1996

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