Tears Fill My Eyes

On this long, dark,
Stormy night in May,
As the tears fill my eyes,
I think of you.
Of the times we shared,
The love and life we had.
What happened to us?
Where did we go wrong?
Help me understand,
Why you no longer love me,
And want me in your life.
Were things really that bad between us,
That the only way back,
Was to end it?
I don't believe that.
And neither should you.
Baby, we had it all.
Where did it go awry?
What stones did The Fates throw at us?
I never saw them.
Where are they?
Please come back to me,
And let us fill each other.
Come to me,
And continue to be my rock.
My center.
My life.
Don't leave me again.
I don't want these tears,
To fill my eyes anymore.
Baby, bring yourself back to me,
And let us live life,
The way we were meant to.
Until you do,
The tears,
Will continue to fill my eyes.
For a very long time.

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