The Pain Of Sweet Insanity

I'm slipping,
Further from the edge.
Feeling the pressure build,
The weight of it all
Pressing in on me.
I can't help the pain anymore.
I can't fight off what is already there.
I don't know what to do.
I don't have the will to fight,
I don't have the will to hold it at bay.
I am slipping
Closer to the edge.
Going to fall,
Going to jump.
I don't know which,
But I want it to come soon.
The burden I carry is to great,
I don't know if I can fight it anymore.
I don't have the desire to.
I want to succumb to it.
Let it overtake me.
Let it overpower me.
I am losing my hold on sanity.
Losing my grip to the world.
I feel insanity closing in on me,
Begging it to take control of me.
Never to think of things the way I do,
Never to hold the feelings I hold now.
Sweet insanity take me.
Relieve me of the pain I live in.
I feel myself getting closer to the edge.
The vein on my wrist looks very inviting.
I want to watch the blood inside it pour out.
I want to see a fountain of my blood run free.
The river is washed in red,
All because of one person, me.
The vein beckons me to slice,
Wishing I had the knife.
I hate this feeling of being helpless.
I hate the fact that I am alone.
I know why,
It's because of me.
No one else ever wanted me.
I am getting closer still,
The edge is right there.
Do I jump?
Or will I be pushed?
I don't know.
I don't care.
Just let it happen.
Just let me be taken by my insanity.
I feel it coming closer,
Claiming me piece by piece.
The rest of the world has thrown me away.
I am no longer needed.
So this I must say.
Go away to everyone.
Let insanity have me.
I will no longer fight to stay sane,
In a world that doesn't want me.
All alone I am,
Just as I always have been.
Never again will I be suckered,
Into thinking I was ever part of anything.
Never again will I believe,
That this world has ever cared a damn for me.
I am alone,
I know that now.
The edge is here,
And I fall into the depths of madness.
I fall into the realm of the twisted kingdom.
I fall into the broken life I once called mine.
Creeping up again,
Do I have further to fall?
Is this the end?
Wish I knew,
Cause I am ready to find the end.

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