Sweet Ice

I am a woman,
Made of sweet ice,
Deadly cold;
And blazing heat,
Furious and raging.
Nothing penetrates the cold.
Nothing melts the ice.
Nothing withstands the heat.
No one can survive in it.
And once they get a taste of it,
They never want to leave.
They would rather burn to death,
Than ever leave me.
It is fun to hear them scream,
It is fun to watch them crawling,
And refuse to leave through the open door.

What is it about me,
That fascinates and captures men?
Why do they all want me?
And when the fuck did they decide all of this?
I am not overly special,
Not overly exceptional.
I am just me,
Sweet ice and blazing heat.
What is it about me?
Why is it they all want me?
They talk their shit,
But do any of them,
Really have the guts to back it up?
I highly doubt it.

Maybe one will,
Maybe he will surprise me.
Above all the rest.
He is inside,
He seeks fulfillment.
And I have sworn I will it to him.
Perhaps he above all,
Will surprise me,
And in time,
Become mine.

Do I want him?
I think it is possible I do.
I think in time,
I could desire him more than The Gods.
He has already sunk into me.
He already desires me.
The sweetness, the cold,
He is enraptured.
And he doesn't know why.

He sees brashness,
He is falling into the twisted maze of my mind.
He embraces the caverns of ice.
He caresses the pools of heat.
Swim in me,
And drown.

The ice shivers inside me,
I feel him kiss me there;
The first crack has come.
The fire roars wild.
I feel him cuddle the flame,
And it burns less bright.
I could fall into someone like that.
But By The Gods!
I don't want to fall in love.

It's a dangerous road I travel.
It's dangerous where he takes me.
I don't want to go there,
But I am pulled along by massaging hands;
Hands that tempt me into pleasure.
But I know it will end in pain.
It will end in hurt,
And I don't want to hurt anymore.

Can I stop traveling this path?
Can I cease riding these feelings?
Gods Above I love him!
Kill the feelings inside me!
Quench the desire!
Cure me of this foolishness!
Gods Above!
He loves me to!

Why continue to torture me in this way?
Why punish me with pain again?
NO! I won't allow it.
I swear it,
I won't allow it.
I can not be the one to get burned again.
I can not do it.

Desire is wrong when it leads me here.
Temptation is wicked sweetness.
I walk the path,
He guides me,
Hand in hand.
Desire and temptation no longer matter.
We are in love.
Gods I want to retreat.
But I am pulled along,
And not entirely against my will.

I am pulled by sweet nectar.
Believe the sugared lies.
I desire this path.
I regret what is before me.
I walk the road willingly now.
I can't stop.

He leads me down love's path.
Shows me the wonder that lays ahead.
My mind is staggered by all that I see.
Will this be all for me?
Is he the one I have always dreamed of?
Gods above, I believe he is.

Why have you done this to me?
Why break my defenses down?
Why hurt me now?
I have not felt desire in three years.
Why do I have to feel again?
I know what lays ahead.
I know the pain that awaits me.
I know what the future holds.
I live for the now,
I dread the tomorrows.
The ecstasy of his love is ambrosia to my lips,
The taste of him is nectar long gone.
His touch is a chill down my spine.
His lips are pure lava.

He promises it will never go away.
I believe him.
I believe the lies.
I know better.
But, I believe.

The path gets narrow,
Grows steep and pitted.
We cling together,
Traveling ever forward.
The wind starts to blow,
The storm from outside comes in.
We hold each other in vain.
We are pulled apart by outside forces.
And, I am pulled along alone.

The storm dwindles and fades.
And the path widens once more to a grassy plateau.
I stand alone,
Unable to move.
Missing that which is gone.

I sit in the grass,
Cry over loss.
Loneliness has come upon me.
I am there so long I lose sense of time.
Head in my hands,
Pain in my heart.

I feel arms encircle me,
And hold me tight.
I am pulled into their strength.
Only to find when I look up,
That we have come back to the same path.
And we are together again.

What lies ahead,
We do not know.
But we know that in the end,
We will always come back together as one.

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