Stir My Blood

You stir my blood,
You are so passionate.
I can not imagine my life without you.
You have rooted yourself in my mind,
And in my soul.
You are my other half,
And hopefully I am yours.
Come to me now,
Make me feel that way again.
Make me feel all of the wild and passionate
Feelings you evoke in me.
Make me feel desired,
Make me feel alive,
Make me feel cared for.
And possibly loved.
You awaken in me a deep longing,
And a desire so primitive,
So untamed that it makes my mind reel
With a sense of desire to feel it again.
You have me hooked.
You bagged this girl,
And now she can't get enough.
Come, bring your body,
Your mind,
Your heart,
Your desire to me,
And let me fill that place in you
That is empty.
Tell me what you want,
And let me fulfill your every need.
Your every wish.
Hold me tight,
And I'll never let you go.
Hold me sacred in your eyes,
And I'll always be true to you.
I'll be loyal.
I'll be good.
I'll be yours,
And we will always win.
Together we will surpass everybody's expectations.
We will be the best there ever was,
There best there ever will be in a million generations.
The crème de la crème of life.
We will conquer everything we set our minds to,
And succeed where everyone claims we will fail.
We can take on the world.
We don't need anyone,
Or anything.
All we need is each other.
We will conquer life.
We will conquer time.
We will conquer anything we put our minds to.
You know we will.
Because I said we could,
And I don't lie.
Not to you.
Not ever.
Not in this life time,
Or the next.
Together we will do what most people only dream of,
And we will have that freedom,
That only visits others,
In their fantasies.
Come to me now,
And all of this will be yours.

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