Standing On The Edge Of A Knife

I am the unwanted.
I am the unloved.
I am the forgotten…

I am the unwanted,
Thrown away,
Tossed out the door,
And out of your life.

I am the unloved,
Undesired above all.
My entire life I’ve been alone,
And felt only my own isolation.

I am the forgotten,
And lost in time.
No one remembers what I have to give,
Or cares to.

My entire life,
I have spent alone.
All those who have claimed to love me,
Only to tell me to leave.

Turned their backs,
Walked away.
I am not worth loving,
And giving a damn for.

I am unworthy of love,
And a gentle caress.
I am unsuitable for desire,
And the touch of another.

Everyone has written me off,
I have no place in the world.
No one wants me,
I can see it in their eyes.

Your words can lie,
Your face never will.
The sound of your voice,
Tells me there is nothing here for me.

I stand here alone.
You turn your back,
Walk away.
Leave me waiting…

Waiting for the sound of something new,
Though it never comes.
The tears fall,
As I bury myself deeper inside my mind.

Walls so high,
None can find a way over the top.
Walls so thick,
None will ever find a way through.

I prefer this.
No pain,
No lies,
Only complete isolation,

From everyone,

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