Silent Delirium

Shattered heart
Crying in pain.
One by one,
Sanity gone.
Hard to breath.
Asphyxiating now.
Pulse slowing,
Heartbeat racing.
Coma take me.

I see your face,
In silent delirium.
Where have you been,
For months on end?
Bitter battles,
How we always end.

Vast ocean,
Overwhelming emotion.
Well inside,
Pool my mind.
Overrun, overdrawn,
I refuse to be played like a pawn.

My heart moved on,
Left you behind.
Now you are ready,
To admit you want me.
I will not be drawn
Into this cycle again.
Wanting what you canít have,
Brings both pain.
Pain I wonít live through again.
Finally accept the truth,
I moved on without you.

I am where I am meant to be.
Without you.

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