Show Me The Way

I am alone.
In this time of darkness.
In this…
The hour of my need.
The hour of my most utter despair.
I need you now.
I need you tonight.
I need you here with me,
While my mind swims with malice;
With a horror so unnerving you could not possibly fathom it.

I do not want to be alone.
To be alone, only that is a tragedy.
Only that, is despair.
Only that, is a shame.
Alone, in such solitude.
In such isolation.
Get me out of here!
I should go crazy if you do not.
My mind is slowly ebbing away.
Cease these images swarming in my brain.
Still these horrific images I see.

Fill my mind with a new image.
Fill my mind with serenity,
With peace.
Bring my mind to a halt,
And let me know stillness.
Show my mind oblivion.
And let me join it.
My Lord, show me this that I long for.
Show me this that I seek.
Great Lord, eliminate these haunting images from my mind.
Show me sanity!
Vacate this perversion swarming around in my brain!
Even as I long for the perversion,
I beg you to liberate me from it!
My Lord, Help me!
Emancipate me from this torture.
I beg you.

Relieve me from this prison of my mind where I am trapped,
Clawing like a cornered, frightened mouse.
Build me up,
Make me strong.
Take this fear away,
And rescue me from this world!
Deliver me from the torture of my mind!
Transport me from this plane of existence,
And bring me to the next plane!
The plane of oblivion.

I want nothingness!
I want utter stillness,
Utter blackness.
The peace that comes with it all.
O Great One, give it to me.
Show me the way.
Grant me this request.
Help me find the peace I so hunger for.
Even if it isn’t wise.
I beseech you, O Mighty One that I serve,
Fulfill this, my deepest wish.
Do not turn me away,
In the hour of my desperation.
Do not cast me aside
In the hour of my most obscure solitude.

I kneel at your feet.
I crawl at your shrine.
I am humble before your towering presents.
My pride has left me,
And I have nothing.
All that I have left,
Is what you see before you.
Inside this flesh I possess.
Discharge me from the burden of it.
I no longer want it.
There is nothing left for me here.

My desire is gone.
My lust for “life” is gone.
My illusions of life have come undone.
I am disillusioned.
I want to wake up from this dream called LIFE.
Relinquish me from the bonds of my body,
And wake me from this disillusioned dream.
Return me to my spiritual self.

All I ask, O Great One of mine,
Is that you fulfill this, my deepest longing.
All I ask, O Mighty One of my loyalty,
Is peace.
Will you turn me,
Your faithful slave away?
You couldn’t, you wouldn’t.
You would never turn your back on one of your own.
I know you…
You whom I have seen,
And embraced,
And loved.
Fulfill my hearts yearning,
Grant me my most passionate desire.

Don’t leave me in this chaos.
Save me from this despondency,
From this begrimed blackness.
Fill me with the light of the sun!
Fill me with beauty…
A beauty that I have never known.
Show me a new aspect in the universe.
Lift the void,
This utterly abject void from my eyes,
And fill it with something bright.
Something I have never seen.
Never known.
Master, show me the way!
Guide me to what I seek.
And bring me to it.
Lift the veil from my eyes.

Show me the way to you,
And save me before it’s to late!
Come to me and lift the veil in front of my face.
Embrace me with your presence,
Caress me with your essence.
I pray you will.
Touch me with your soul,
And fill mine.
Liberate me, I implore you.

Bestow upon me this bottomless craving I have,
And show me what you have to offer,
O Mighty One of mine.
Lead the way before me, Master.
Together we could be magnificent!
Let us have that chance.
Let me have what I seek;
Let me be with you for all eternity.
My Great Lord, open the path before me.
Capitulate me from my pain,
And bring me to your side.
I await that time.
Soon, I will be yours.
Bring my request about,
And, let us meet for the first time.

Let us see each other in body and soul.
Face to face.
Let us touch each other in the “flesh”,
And know each other for who we are.
We are each others alter.
We are each others shrine.
We are each others shadow.
I know you, and you know me.
I covet you the way you covet me.
I hunger for you like a drug…
A drug that is being dangled before my eyes,
And cruelly swept away,
Swept away before I can look upon it.
Do you hunger for me in the same way?
It does not matter.
I crave you like a vampire craves blood.
We are parallel to each other
In the same way sea and sky are.
You are mine, and I am yours.
Join us together,
So that we may never be torn apart again.

I yearn for your touch.
I want you to bewitch me.
I want you to captivate me,
And enchant me to levels of unintelligible heights.
My body is yours;
My existence belongs to you.
Fascinate me, thrill me,
Contaminate my being with yours and never let us be.
Clasp us together,
Join us into unity.
Enrapture me, enchant me to new peaks,
And let me do the same to you.

Don’t spurn me.
Don’t shun me!
I beg you, don’t push me away.
Accept me,
Embrace me,
Ravish me!
You won’t turn me away!
Because to turn me away,
Would be to despise yourself.
We are one!
We are two!
We are together,
And we can not be torn apart by anything!
I am yours to use.
You are mine to abuse.
We are bewitched.
We are intimate.
We are lovers.

You are My Lord,
But I am Your Lord.
I serve you the way you serve me.
We are not two.
We are not one!
I feel you!
Feel me!
Touch me!
Lick me!
Violate me!
I am yours to do with as you please!
But know this, Lord of Mine,
You are mine to do with as I please.
Show me passion.
Show me excitement.
Reveal yourself to me,
And be with me.

Show me the way to you,
And let us live out our destiny!

© Copyright 2004 Arcania | All rights reserved
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