She Knew I Loved Him

She knew I loved him,
But she didn't care.
She still tried,
Even though she knew he was mine.

I told her how I felt.
She flirted anyway.
He asked me if he could fuck her,
I said "Hell no!" from far away.

I could feel him slipping,
Out of my reach.
Steering toward another.
Yet I preached.

"How could you?" I said so hatefully.
"You were mine!"
"Now you want that tramp?"
And I drank my wine.

My anger grew.
My temper running.
The tears falling.
And the shunning.

I held a knife to my wrist,
Ready to slice.
That's when he came around,
Ready to roll the dice.

"You can't play this game!" I shouted.
"You don't understand!"
"It's a lot more than feelings!"
"It's the violence and underhand!"

Now he understood,
How to play this game.
Only he couldn't do it, and
In my eyes then, he was lame and tame.

I thought he was wild,
Outgoing and full of life.
I guess I was wrong,
His life was a blithe.

No feeling in his body.
How could he be so cruel?
Only he knew.
But it was written as a stool.

Now he understood,
Just what he meant.
But the feeling left,
And I was there, bent.

That son of a BITCH!!!!
I hope he dies!
I don't care.
Then he sighs.

She knew I loved him.
But she didn't care.
So long, as she got what she wanted.
Now he's hers. And I stare.

It wasn't easy to let go.
But I did it anyway.
He hardly blinked.
As I turned away.

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