Ride The Wind

Dragons, vampires, things of power.
Power of an ancient and forbidden source.
To be embraced by such creatures,
Very rare, and always longed for.
A thing of beauty.
Embrace me now.
Cure my beating heart,
My untamed soul,
It rides the wild hurricane through the many worlds of this universe.
Embrace me now!
Cure my bloodlust.
Oh, to only be embraced bys such powerful creatures;
Their hands all over my body,
Touching me, feeing me, caressing me,
The sensations make my heart pound!
My blood race, my spirit ride the wind!
Powerful creatures, help me ride the wind.
Embrace me into the immortal realm.
Show me true power, and life.
Cunning and strength.
Help me have what is in my blood!
Give me the gift of knowledge and strength.
Point me down that dark road,
From which there's no coming back.
To ride the wind,
I would follow you into the sixth dimension,
Where energy reigns supreme,
And bodies are no longer needed.
Powerful Ones,
Ancient Ones,
Great Ones,
Embrace me now!
Make my heart pound,
Make my blood race,
Make my spirit ride the wind into eternity!

Great Dragons of the universe,
Make love to me,
And help me feel the sensations I crave.
Touch me,
And let me know you claim me yours.
Help me to feel,
And help me to achieve
What I am meant to be;
What it is in my blood to be.
Give me that freedom I have always dreamed of owning.
Show me what to do.
How to please you.
Caress my face with the burning fire from your lips.
For the fire you breath ignites my passionate soul.
To feel such heat from your lips,
I would let you roast me alive.
Although, I know you would never do this,
The longing for the feel of that blazing inferno will always be in my blood!
The feeling of what I can never feel
Makes my hear pound with rage,
My blood race with mixed emotions,
My spirit ride the wind to quench its longing.
Great Ones,
Help me to acquire what I long for,
Dream of, was meant to be.
Give me immortality!
Give me power!
Strength, Knowledge,
Cunning, lust, love!
Help me shatter the Earth,
And still this craving for blood!
These thoughts,
These prayers to you
Powerful Ones,
Ancient Ones,
Great Ones,
Will always make my heart pound,
M y blood race,
My spirit ride the wind into eternity! And beyond!

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