Regression Of Insanity

Inside I have nothing left.
I feel so low.
I feel like a tired assed hoe.
Always looked over,
Passed by.
Never seen,
Never heard.
No one hears my cry.
All alone,
Dying inside.
I scream out in pain,
It's as if I don't exist.
Why must I suffer inside?
Why must my life be like this?
I'm cracking inside.
The foundation is unstable.
I feel the chips of myself fall,
Flutter to the ground.
Still I am all alone.
Why am I destined for this?
Why am I destined to be alone?
Nobody understands what I feel like.
Nobody understands what I feel inside.
I am not normal.
I am different.
I do not deserve what I have.
I do not deserve what I want.
I have this,
I have that.
I should not have either.
I am not worthy of what I have.
I have not achieved it.
It is not mine.
Only a shadow of what is.
I am a puppet dancing on strings.
Who is my puppeteer?
Who controls my life?
Who makes me dance?
I am dragged down,
Forced to submit to those I do not know.
Forced to submit to the will of who?
It is not my will,
It is not my desire I serve.
Who is it?
Who controls me?
Who has the power over me?
Why am I forced to submit to them?
Why am I forced to do as they wish?
I hate it.
I hate being the puppet of those I do not know.
I hate dancing for their pleasure.
It make me sick.
Still I am forced to submit.
Bow down to them.
I hate it.
The weight of it drags me down.
I am pressed in by darkness.
Surrounded by greed.
I am a receptacle of everything they despise.
I am what they hate the most.
I am the spirit that never dies.
But still I am pressed in,
Drowned in despair.
No one knows me.
No one sees me.
I am alone.
I know this now.
As I always will be.
Regression into insanity,
Is not the only thing I know.
I know what is it is like to live there.
And never come out of the darkness.
It is where I stay.

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