Mirrorís reflection
Truthís defection
A strangersí stare
In a hateful glare.
Who do I see
Looking back at me?
Lost inside myself
Lacking Godís wealth
Who am I inside?
Why do I hide?
Why did I turn away
From Godís undying love?
When I knew in my heart
That love can only come from above?
Lost within my own sin
Drowning sorrow in gin
Engulfed by Manís world
Soul repressed, not unfurled.
Filled with hate
A hunger yet to sate.
Anger sought revenge
Stolen innocence to avenge.
One stepped in
Showed me the course of my own sin.
Led me to the Lord on High
Loving arms to hold me as I cry.
I let go of the pain
Release the strain
Search for forgiveness within
A life to begin
The change inside of me
To a wondrous degree
Who is this stranger I see
Looking back at me?

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