My eyes flash with rage, my blood burns with a fiery fury.
It engulfs me until it is all I know. All I feel. All I see.
It is my soul. It's deep within me.
To give in to such rage and fury would be to easy.
I want them to suffer.
I want them to know that it is I who destroyed them.
My blue eyes grow darker each minute from such rage.
My ruby blood burns brighter every second with such a powerful untamed fury.

Soon, very soon, my revenge will be complete,
And my eyes will grow bright again,
And I will no longer burn with this all encompassing fury.
I will have what I want,
And I will get what I deserve; and so will they.
I'll bring them to heel; I'll bring them up to beg.
They will do as I wish;
They will do as I please.
They will be my puppets;
I will control them.
They will be mine, and I will use them to my own ends.
How I please, when I please,
Total control,
Total dominance!
In their eyes;
I will be the only GOD they remember.

They will remember me forever.
I'm not easy to forget.
I will wipe the slate clean, and build anew.
They will be my creations,
And when I finish with them,
I will once again be whole.
Nothing can stop me,
I am unbeatable.
They will understand soon enough,
Just what they did to incur my wrath.
My revenge will be sweet,
And their demise will be my bitter truth.
It could work, my plans always do.
I'll be everything to them,
And they will forget everything they know.
I'll be in the center of it all,
And everything they know.
Like I said, there is no stopping me!
They will never now what hit them.
I'll control every aspect of their lives,
And be their one true GOD of all!

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