The Promise Of Another

The promise of one,
Rises from the shadow of a broken heart.
Where he leads me,
I do not know.
He asks to be let in,
He begs to know me.
Coming from the pain inside,
How can I let him in?
How can I make myself vulnerable again?
Conditioning demands a closed heart.
Past things demand I shut away my heart,
And lock myself behind closed doors.

No matter what I do,
He wonít go away.
Still he begs,
Still he pleads,
Still he wants in.
When I donít know if I can let him in.
I donít know if I can open myself,
To the possibility of pain again.
I donít know if I have the strength to endure it again.
Time may answer that question.
But the answer stays the same.

The promise of one,
Is a mystery yet to solve.
Where it will lead,
Is a path not yet traveled.
To tread the path will take courage to open myself up to pain.
To face the unknown.
Do I have the strength to face it again?

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