Each day without you
An eternity of suffering to endure.
The pounding in my head;
A moment of peace never to procure.

Blistering silence,
Reeling into madness.
Beaten down
In a heartsí crushing sadness.

In a brief moment
I knew joy.
Felt you in my arms.
Hope is an evil ploy.

Walls were broken down.
You wrapped yourself around my soul.
Each fiber of my life wound within you;
My true loverís role.

My truest love,
Was never mine to keep.
A life together,
To make me weep.

My spirit sings of agony;
A longing never to fulfill.
Life returns to pain.
Fight no more I will.

I thought in you I had everything
I could ever want.
Twas only a cruel joke.
A new memory to haunt.

You brought happiness into my life.
My heart felt hope.
No more to be alone.
No bitterness to cope.

With you my heart sang,
Fulfilled in longing bliss.
The love I hold for you,
Revealed in sweet gentle kiss.

Gone you are.
There is no way back,
To the love we had.
We fell off track.

Each day I miss you.
Wonder about your life.
Think of holding you again,
In a life without strife.

To be without you,
And pretend everything is fine.
If soul mates exist,
You were mine.

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