Dreams night and day,
Shattered in my sight.
Wishing all my days,
For the one who would make it right.

Praying for a man,
That would know my every thought.
One I would never have to hide from.
Tis a true man I sought.

Years came and went…
And my dreams were repeatedly shattered.
My heart frayed.
My soul remained tattered.

Working through
My past pain and rejection.
You step in,
To read my heart’s reflection.

My mind is an open book,
You read through and through.
My heart craves more than ever
To truly know you.

I’m running scared,
From my own passion and desire.
The closer you get,
The greater my ire.

If I cannot accept
What has already begun,
My heart will lose,
And the song will never be sung.

The irony of it
Truly lies in this…
You are everything I want,
And all I could miss.

Balancing precariously
On a fine uneven line.
Trying to figure out,
How to leave my defenses behind.

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