My Poem To...

You are the sweetest sight I have ever seen,
I don't know what I would do without you in my life,
Inside me, filling me with your love.
You are everything I ever wanted;
How did I ever get so lucky to find you that night?
You are everything to me.
You are everything I need.
I love you in a way you don't understand,
I love you in a way that is a mystery to me
I want you every second of every day,
I want you so much, there is no right way
You are in my mind, I feel you there
Imbedded so deep, I love you there
You are my warm blanket at night,
You are the comfort in the dark.
Your arms surround me; I feel them tight
I embrace you with everything I am
I hold you close, press to me
I kiss you for the first time,
You are magic the magic in myself
I love you so much, you don't even know
I want to be yours forever;
I want to love you into eternity.
I am finally at peace,
I am finally able to love
I put you through hell
I almost killed you inside,
And died a second time myself
How could I have done that to you?
How could I have hurt you?
I hate myself for it
You don't deserve it
I love you more for it
You broke the shell;
I am no longer in my prison
You broke my pain;
I no longer feel it.
The serenity inside me is something you will never know,
Though you will always see
What was never at rest is now at peace
How am I so lucky to have you?
You are the one for me
You are my soulmate,
You are my entire heart my entire being
I want to hold you so close;
I hold you so dear
You are the only one for me in a sea of eternity
Can't you see how much I love you?
Can't you tell you mean the world to me?
Arms hold me tight, I fear the touch
Try to push them away
No, to late, to stubborn
They hold me closer and I fall into a sea of love
I am engulfed in you, submerged into your love
I never want to leave it
I never want to be alone;
I don't want to be without you
I want you to hold me forever.
I want to feel you beside me forever
Let me hold you
Let me love you
Let me take your pain away
You deserve to be happy
You deserve to live in love, and let love fill you.
You deserve light
I don't deserve you, but I want you anyway
The peace inside;
I feel you close
Let me in,
Let me love you,
Let me fill you,
Let me take you pain.
Let me fill you with love;
Help you forget the pain,
I will always love you,
I will never hurt you again
I swear by the gods I will never hurt you
I will be yours forever... yours for life
I hold you... you caress me
We fill each other
We take the pain away
Peace surrounds us
We are in bliss
Where we will stay
No, it can't last
Yes, it will
I know it will
Don't fight me
Don't push me away
Let me love you
We can win
We can be
We will be
We are
I know it
I love you
I love you
I have never loved nor been loved before
I love you
I fear it no more
I love you
I want to shout it out loud
I love you
You are more to me than I am meant to have
You are more to me than I deserve in a hundred life times
You are the meaning in my life
You are the meaning of my life
My life starts and ends with you
Every second
The past twenty-three years don't count
My life began when I meet you
I am a clean slate, there is nothing there
It waits to be filled by you
Colored in with your love
Hold me close, caress me
Let me feel you
Let this be real
My life is complete
Only you make me
Only you can break me
I know you never will
I know that I love you
You are the most precious thing in the world to me
I don't want to loose you
I don't' want to be alone, without you
We are not two, we are one
Of the same soul, of the same mind
Own me
Let me own you
Own me, don't let me go, don't leave me
I beg, I plead, I cry myself to sleep
Don't leave me
You are everything to me
Everything that was ever good about me came from you.

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