Phoenix Fire

To the stars I pray,
That come to me, you may.
My heartís yearning,
Passionís burningÖ

Phoenix fire inside,
From me, do not hide.
Dreams unsatisfied,
Destinies collideÖ

Eyes meet in pair,
A longing stare.
Loverís first embrace,
Closes in, two hearts encase,
That two become one,
Never to come undone.

To share with you my life,
Through happiness and strife.
We sever the tether,
Trials faced together.

Wings spread wide,
Do not divide,
Fly with me up high;
Soar with me through the sky.

Wind that blows,
Lead us through no woes.
Take us home,
Where we may roam.
Grassy world we see,
Overlooking oceanís serenity.

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