Passion In Hell

Yes, this letter is for you.
I know who you are.
Not you, but the real you!
You like me, or someone else.
But, I am positive it is me.
You compliment me, sometimes.
And you love to talk or chat with me.
You flexed your ways, your cover, your protection,
So that I would see the man you really are.
Not the tough guy.
Your camouflage.
The ice hearted, cruel, thick headed asshole.
That is your cover.
Not the truth.
I have seen your inner self.
And, I am very fond of you.
I almost admit to myself that I love you.
And, I do!
But you are dedicated to your wife, and baby girl.
This leave me nowhere.
Between them,
There is no time for me.
And you know this.
I am nowhere in a maze.
Not time for you to hold me tight.
Play with my blonde hair.
You must understand how I feel.
How many times my ruby lips have longed to press against yours.
And how the tears fall,
Because they never will.
Keep your feelings buried deep inside.
Let your little girl grow up happy.
Never doubt your marriage.
Honor your wife.
Honor your child.
Let them be happy!
Even if you are not!
My passion, my anger,
My lust, my sorrow, my hatred,
Will swell inside of me until I am dead.
They will destroy me.
Because I love you so much.
And I deserve you,
Even if you do not deserve me.
And I will have you,
In the years to come.
After death.
In HELL we shall burn, together.
Our lust will drag us there.
And I see your lust when you look at me.
Hell is where we shall meet again.
Hell is where our lusts will take us over.
Where we will give into sin, and greed, and desire.
In Hell, we will be equal. Age will not matter.
Nor, will I give a damn.
Money no longer existing.
L O V E, a four letter word BAND from where we shall spend eternity.
Hell is where we shall make love.
Not before, not after.
Until that Fateful day,
That shall bring us together,
Remember me.
Remember this letter.
Never forget:
Always, I will love you.
And Forever, I will long for you.

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