One Moment In Time

If for one moment in time,
You could be mine,
I would finally have my dreams come true.
I would no longer live for the nightly visits,
I make to my subconscious,
And I could finally live for the days,
And the nights that I would share with you.
My life would be perfect,
And for that one moment in time,
All of my fears,
And worries would disappear.
And for that one moment in time,
I could be happy instead of melancholy.
The sadness and fear would dissolve away,
And for the first time in my life,
A smile would reach my endlessly pouting lips.
And I could finally face the dawn,
Without a feeling of despair,
And I would finally know how it feels to be alive,
Instead of,
Dead inside.
Inside of our union,
We would have no worries.
We would know no want.
We would have all we desire.
And inside of our union,
For one brief moment in time,
Time would stop,
Stand still.
And we could live in tat one moment forever.
All it would take,
Is your coming to me.

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