Never Cry

Eyes as blue as the sun swept sky,
Enchant my heart, with you I can soar so high,
You make me feel I can spread my wings and fly.
And that with you, I'll never have reason to cry.

Eyes as black as the purest of midnight,
Ones that have never seen nor walked into the light,
Fill my heart from the deepest depths of sight,
And soon I know I will feel the bite.

Mate with me and let me see you as you truly are,
The price of the night of passion under a star,
May be one I face alone when I walk through the tar,
But know this, I apologize not for the life of our night when we met in a bar.

I cry not for the pain that was made,
I never meant to hurt so many when I wanted to get laid.
I never meant for this to happen when the situation was weighed,
And if you had asked me again, I would have stayed.

I never mean to cause you this pain,
Since then my life has become a black stain,
I have always been there watching through the window pane,
And my absence was the hole that turned my existence into a bane.

I have missed you all so much,
I have desired, longed for your touch.
Nothing more to say here except such,
Even when you weren't there, the thought of you was my crutch

I love you, know this.
I have longed for your passionate kiss,
There hasn't been a day when I haven't been able to miss,
Feeling you hold me inside of this perfect bliss.

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